Chestnuts Service Garage ltd

Servicing and Repairs to all makes.


We cater for servicing to all makes and models of vehicles. 





MOT's carried out on site while you wait

with comfortable waiting area.



Crays Hill



CM11 2YA

01268 521948

Did you know?


Most main dealers do not remove the road wheels during a full service!!

They only inspect the brakes visually through the holes in the road wheels!

As a result  many people have had difficulties  removing road wheels when they have a puncture, this is due to the corrosion on the centre hub of the wheel not being cleaned and lubricated during servicing.

It's a myth!


It's a myth that your main dealer warranty is void unless you have your vehicle serviced at a main dealer garage!

As long as your vehicle is serviced in conjunction with the main dealer specifications

most warranties remain valid!


A FULL Service!

                 Unlike main dealers we

                      believe that a full service

                      should be just that!

                      Not all service parts are

replaced during main dealer servicing. Chestnuts Service Garage change; air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, cabin filter and spark plugs, where applicable.

This service is in addition to other service checks made and is a far more comprehensive service than main dealers, at a lower cost! 

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